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    About Us

    The Columbia Journal is a positive progressive alternative to the conservative corporate press in B.C. Dedicated to inform, entertain and advocate for the people of B.C., it is an independent publication, promising free and open debate on all issues, a voice for people throughout B.C.

    Editorial Policy

    The Columbia Journal does not accept the media status quo and strives to be a positive and progressive alternative to the present conservatively dominated press in this province. With a clearly progressive perspective on the issues which affect our lives, the Columbia Journal is an independent publication which encourages free and open debate on all issues raised by our publication, a voice for people throughout B.C.

    Editorials and news coverage will be supportive of progressive actions and policies. Reports received province-wide will cover the full range of public issues including the environment, economics, labour, human rights and social issues, human interest, and of course, the government and B.C. politics. Regional correspondents will provide regular coverage of events in their areas, while special contributors will provide detailed analysis.

    We encourage written contributions from the many interests in our communities and will publish these views on public issues as they arise. We seek comment from social activist groups, labour unions, environmental and religious organizations. All material submitted for publication must be verifiable and must include the writer's full name, address and telephone number. We reserve the right to publish any part or all of any submission, or none of it. Material will be rejected for libelous content and material which is found to be hate-related or defamatory will likewise be rejected.

    All material published in the Journal may not reflect the views of the Publisher. The Columbia Journal is published by The Columbia Pacific Publishing Co. Ltd., progressive, independent and non-affiliated with any other news publishing organization. Editorial control rests solely with the editor-in-chief and the publisher. It is distributed free at newsstands throughout B.C. If you do not find The Journal at your favorite newsstand, please ask them for it or call us at (604) 266-6552, Fax 267-3342

    EDITOR: Jim Lipkovits
    CONTRIBUTING EDITOR: Marco Procaccini
    CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Seth Klein, Ivan Bulic, Murray Dobbin, Colleen Fuller, Dave Thompson, Tom Sandborn, Dan Keeton, Rudy Lawrence, Donna Vogel, Cathy Corrigan, Carole Pearson, Alayne Keough, Fred Wilson, Brad Yung, Stephen Graham- Smith, Alan Zisman
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