An Open Letter to the American People

by Don Weitz

Letters to the Editor: 2020-12-19

President Donald J. Trump is not only threatening to impose martial law in many states, he also threatens violence. Trump is a loser who will never accept he lost the US presidential election in November to President-Elect Joe Biden. There was absolutely no factual evidence of any “voter fraud,” as he repeatedly and wrongly claims. Trump is trying to destroy all government agencies, advisors and lawyers he has identified as “enemies.” Further, Trump is illegally and unconstitutionally using the Oval Office to fundraise to enrich himself.

Trump poses a dire threat to national and world security, who threatened to start a word war with North Korea. After his impeachment by the Congress he should have been criminally charged and convicted of many federal and international crimes, including his racist immigration policy that authorizes mass arrests and imprisonments of Latin-American migrants and the forced separation of thousands of children who were cruelly locked up and drugged in cages.

It is shocking and criminal that hundreds of Republican Party members, together with much corporate media, including Fox News, continue to parrot and support Trump’s irrational, racist, destructive and treasonous policies, threats, actions, and lies.
Inauguration Day can’t happen soon enough. Be prepared.

Don Weitz, social justice and human rights advocate  author of Resistance Matters (2019)

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