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Susan Heyes files Leave to Appeal to Supreme Court of Canada as a Self-represented Litigant
Is justice only available to the rich and powerful? 
I began this fight for justice and compensation six years ago. I have mortgaged my home twice to keep my business viable. $300,000 of the $600,000 award plus costs, was paid out in legal fees, leaving me with a fraction of my actual losses to invest back into my business.

The Canada Line consortium, with assets over $13 billion, expects Hazel & Co to repay the entire $600,000 award, including the already paid legal fees. However, the lawyers for Canada Line apparently suggested that they might be prepared to waive some or all of the recovery of all moneys paid to Susan Heyes Inc. if no Leave to Appeal Application to the Supreme Court of Canada was filed.

 Faced with another massive legal bill, and considering this financial inducement, the incentive for stopping any further legal action is compelling. But so is my determination for justice to prevail, and for this issue of national importance to be fully heard, and rectified.
I welcome financial assistance to continue this challenge.
 If the several years of catastrophic business losses caused by the secretive, non-compliant cut and cover construction of the Canada Line is not considered severe, unreasonable, intolerable - and merits compensation - what process, what length of time and what degree of harm is?

The Supreme Court of Canada will be asked to consider the balance of fairness in the shared burden of costs and the shared benefits, as they relate to all participants in this landmark case, and that leave is being brought forward by Susan Heyes as a self-represented litigant, at great expense.

I have just filed for leave to Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada as a self represented litigant.

I have no means to pay further huge legal fees to take this case to the Supreme Court of Canada, but as a citizen and a small business owner, I can’t afford not to. This is an issue of national importance with the potential to impact any small business in Canada.
 The ruling of the BC Appeals Court, if not overturned, would mean that any small business in Canada in the path of a mega-project could suffer severe financial hardship or bankruptcy, without any legal obligation to tell the truth or to provide restitution, on the part of those responsible.

 In this case of the P3 model for the Canada Line, this project has even been provided with the powers and funding of every level of government, to profit at the expense of the small businesses. This is unjust and unfair.
Contributions can be made to the Susan Heyes Legal Defence fund :  Royal Bank – account # 07200 – 5076666
Susan Heyes
4280 Main Street
Vancouver, BC
V5V 3P9
The ‘New’ in New Democrat

Dear editor,
Oh, the irony.

As I read various newspaper editorials claiming that the majority of voters prefer the political centre, unlike new left-wing NDP leader Adrian Dix, there are in fact voters such as myself who were raised as fiscal/social conservatives and would vote accordingly. Indeed, my father was a ‘vote-for-anything-but-the-NDP’ man (now deceased), and I had followed his lead.

However, ideologies change; and unless there’s a major reason for me to go politically awry, the next provincial election will be the first election in which I’ll vote NDP. Why? Because a strong-social-conscious leader like Dix will be at the helm to challenge the B.C. Liberals, who are in many ways ideologically libertarian -- i.e., survival of the wealthiest and/or well-employed – and ardently intent on giving tax breaks and taxpayers’ money to big corporations and towards privately-owned casino operations’ capital costs.

For my intense political philosophy, I’d never be apologetic … except to my father: Sorry, Dad, but a voter’s gotta do what a voter’s gotta do.
Frank G. Sterle,  Jr.

Some Animals - and People - are More Equal than Others
- with apologies to George Orwell

Dear editor, and citizenry,

It is indeed touching that the B.C. government - urged on by an outraged media and public - is officially investigating the shooting of one hundred sled dogs last April in Whistler, B.C.

One wonders where the same concern was when over 20,000 Inuit sled dogs were shot by RCMP officers during the 1950's and '60's.

According to the Qikiqtani Truth Commission held by the Inuit people in 2008, most of their sled digs were deliberately slaughtered by the Mounties to force Inuits off their lands and out of their traditional lifestyles. As a result, countless Inuit died after being forced into poverty, welfare dependency and alcoholism. (CBC News, June 18, 2008)

The Canadian media is bemoaning the fate of the Whistler sled dogs, whose passing is not causing anyone to die. Of course, those dogs belonged to white people. And "our" dogs, naturally, deserve a proper burial now: unlike the Inuits, or more than 50,000 Indian residential school children.

Oh, Canada.
Rev. Kevin D. Annett

Advertising Kills the Truth

Dear Editor,

Today I picked my grandchildren up from school and we passed some election signs and I asked if they knew what was going on in Canada.

The reply shook me immensely because what I heard was that Mr. Ignatieff  was really bad because he had come here from the States because he found out he couldn't be the American President, so he was trying to be Prime Minister here in Canada instead !
This they got from seeing ads on the television, bought and paid for by our Prime Minister who claims to be honest, truthful, transparent and with the interests of Canadians as his motive. 

Harper, in your lust for power and a majority government so you can destroy Canada, you are damaging the essence of truth here in our young children.  How many more young minds have been and will be poisoned by your American Republican/Tea Party style attack ads?

This is not what I believe Canadians want, expect or demand from their Prime Minister and in your zeal you have stepped over a line.

Harper, I acknowledge that long ago you may have had noble intentions even if I adamantly disagree with your politics, but my patience with your arrogance and contempt of parliament and the Canadian people has totally evaporated with today's statements from my grandchildren and I demand of you as an employee of all Canadians that you immediately withdraw from this election and public office, and apologise to all Canadians for the damage you have done to our impressionable young people.

As for you people of the mainstream media, I really think you need to examine what you print and put out over the airwaves, and consider that money is a fleeting thing, and your children could easily be infected by deliberate personal invective, just as my grandchildren have been.
Jeremy Arney
CAP candidate for SGI in 2008
6254a Springlea Rd
Victoria BC
V8Z 5Z4

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