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Volume Ten, Number Two   March 2005


CPPNews - March 5, 2005 (Vancouver, Canada)

The newest member of the worldwide Independent Media Centre (IMC) network, commonly known as Indymedia, was officially launched today. BC Indymedia, a collective effort of several cities in the western Canadian province of British Columbia, represents an evolution from the previously established Vancouver Indymedia.  "The new site is running the latest custom software, making the management of the site much more accessible and transparent for our contributors and readership," said Indymedia spokesperson Scott Nelson. 

The revamped BC Indymedia will initially focus on the upcoming May 17 provincial election. "It's our hope that BC Indymedia will quickly become a primary source for information that represents diverse, non-corporately funded versions of the political and social issues effecting us all," continued Nelson.  "Indymedia is news for those who acknowledge that there is always more than one side to the story, and the most reliable side is likely not brought to you by coca-cola, or the Fox News Network," added Work Less Party candidate and Indymedia contributor Denise Brennan, a long time advocate of open publishing and independent media production. "The provincial collaboration approach should result in some interesting coverage of the election campaign." 

Indymedia, a project initiated at the WTO protests in Seattle in 1999, has since grown to boast almost 200 centres worldwide. The IMC concept features an open publishing model that allows quick and simple access to the independent distribution of stories, pictures, audio and video on the web, and proposes a succinct and alternative response to corporate media monopoly.  To view the new site point your browser to 

For more information:
Scott Nelson,, 604-648-0097
Denise Brennan,

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