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Volume Ten, Number Two   March 2005

Spartacus Books wins Roger Inman Memorial Award


The CCEC Credit Union recently presented the Spartacus Books Educational  Society with the 12th Annual Roger Inman Memorial Award for Community  Economic Development at their Annual General Meeting on February 2, 2005. CCEC Credit Union gives the award annually "in recognition of a group, individual or project that has made a significant contribution to “the economic development of the community.” Spartacus Books was also   presented with a $1000 cash award from the Roger Inman Trust.  

CCEC Credit Union, situated on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, has been   serving the co-operative, community business and non-profit sector since   1976. They pool the savings and financial activities of individuals,   co-operatives and other community groups. The money is invested by   lending for job creation, co-operative financing, and other forms of   community economic development. 

Long-time members of CCEC Credit Union since 1977, the Spartacus Books   Educational Society, a registered non-profit society, provided a   community space and housed a unique collection of books and alternative   resources in its Downtown Eastside retail home on Hastings Street, for   more than 30 years.   Last April, a fire completely destroyed Spartacus. All merchandise and   store materials, worth over $100,000 were lost, as well as an   irreplaceable radical poster archive detailing 30 years of Vancouver   activist history.

The Spartacus Books Collective is committed to   rebuilding the store, despite the obvious hurdles of re-paying debts to   publishers, and stocking a new store's shelves with books.   The mission of Spartacus Books is to provide information and resources   to groups and individuals seeking social justice and the advancement of   progressive causes. Spartacus has never put a high priority on   profit-making - their goal has been to provide information at a   reasonable price for people of low income. And people are free to read   and learn from any of their materials, even if they can't purchase them.   The story of Spartacus Books is one of people coming together across   lines to work jointly to provide a resource for social change.   Throughout Spartacus' history, it has brought together people across a   wide range of progressive political stripes, people united by the common   cause of making available information excluded from the mainstream   corporate outlets. 

Since the fire, the Collective has engaged in a fund-raising drive to   raise the necessary funds to rebuild. Concerned individuals,   organizations and supporters old and new have rallied to contribute to   the effort, demonstrating the powerful significance of Spartacus in the   Vancouver community.   For more information on the rebuilding of Spartacus Books, they can be   contacted through their website at or by phone at   604-688-6138. 

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