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  • Volume Eight, Number Eight: December 2003

    Practical Small Grants for Practical Good Deeds

    CPP News Service

    You may, as the old cliché goes, thank heaven for small miracles, but you may be able thank the Public Interest Research Group at Simon Fraser University for small grants.

    A newly announced micro grant program by the SFPIRG is set up to give up to $300, or more for special projects, to any lower mainland non-profit social justice or environmental awareness group or independent progressive magazines.

    “SFPIRG is promoting the availability of funds to support local grassroots social and environmental justice work,” says the organization’s web site, which stresses the pronunciation of its long acronym as “ess-eff-perg.”

    The group, formed on the campus in the late 1970s, is a student-run voluntary research and advocacy project that is affiliated to PIRGs across North America.

    “Our goal is to educate, inform, and support SFU students, and the community, about various social, economic, and environmental issues, and to strive for justice in these areas.”

    The group offers three categories of funding, which can be accessed in different ways:

    The first is the standard under-$300 category grant. The SFPIRG donations committee continually accepts applications for donation requests for amounts under $300. To apply, organizations must send a letter to
    SFPIRG's Donation Committee outlining their request. Applications must include how much money is needed, the nature of the organization and the reason they need the funds.

    Secondly, SFPIRG has funds to support the production of grassroots magazines and publications. Anyone is welcome to apply to this fund. Applicants must fill out the Zine Fund Donation Request Form, available on line or by mail or fax, and submit it to the SFPIRG donations committee. These funds are dispersed three times per year. Deadlines are Nov 15, 2003, Feb 15, 2004 and June 15, 2004.

    Finally, the group does offer funding over $300 for larger special projects or initiatives through its Fund for Larger Donations. The applications for this type of grant are available in the same manner as the Zine Fund form. These funds are dispersed three times per year as well. Deadlines are Nov 15, 2003, March 1, 2004 and July 1, 2004.
    Applicants must complete the appropriate forms for each of the funds. They, along with more detailed criteria and other information, are available on the SFPIRG website at www.sfu.ca/~sfpirg or in the SFPIRG office, TC 326.

    The forms can be submitted via fax, e-mail or hard mail to:
    Donations Committee c/o SFPIRG
    TC 326, SFU, Burnaby, BC. V5A 1S6
    Fax: 604-291-5338

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