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  • Volume Eight, Number Eight: December 2003

    theo's picksTheo

    a view from 2 3/4 years

    We’re Going on Bear Hunt
    By Helen Oxenbury, Illustrated by Michael Rosen

    We're Going on a Bear HuntA dad, four kids, and a dog go on a bear hunt, through
    grass, a wild river,mud, a snowstorm, and more, until they
    find the bear and he chases them silly all the way back
    home. Every couple of pages is the wonderful rhyme:
    “We’re going on a bear hunt, we're going to catch a big
    one, what a beautiful day, we’re not scared!” There’s excitement,
    humour, rhythmic pacing, and great drawings, in
    full pages and in little panels.We’ve read it 342 times.

    The Napping House
    By Audrey Wood, Illustrated by Don Wood

    The Napping HouseThe cat naps on the dog who naps on the boy who naps on
    his grandma who naps on the bed...and all of a sudden a
    flea bites the dog who kicks the cat who.....Well, and so it
    goes. There are fabulous pictures of snoozing and piling
    up high, and then the shock and the hilarity as each one is
    woken up from the precious nap. There is a great repetition
    of rhyme and action - a compelling mix of anticipation
    and expectation. Read it at bedtime 238 times.

    I Spy Little Book Rhymes
    by Jean Marzollo,
    Photographs by Walter Wick

    I Spy Little Book RhymesThere are so many I Spy books out there that Theo can
    spend hours just looking at the covers in a bookstore - but
    this one is nice and small, in a tough board book layout,
    and perfect for pre-nap and pre-sleep or just a little quiet
    time. You can always find something new in each page,
    there’s a new story just waiting to be told, and new words
    leaping from every corner. “What’s that? What’s he doing?”
    are asked over and over. Read 3 times in a row for 100 days.

    Pumpkin Soup
    By Helen Cooper

    Pumpkin SoupWhat happens when a cat, a duck, and a squirrel live
    together and make pumpkin soup every day, and one of
    them plays the bagpipes? Well,maybe the duck wants a little
    more from the old routine. And maybe the cat and the
    squirrel don’t. Does somebody leave home? Does somebody
    come back? Excellent paintings, a gripping and
    funny story, and tangible tastes and sounds from every
    page. For every kid who loves a pumpkin story 365 days of
    the year.

    Go, Dog, Go!
    By P.D. Eastman

    Go, Dog, Go!Imagine a world where there are only dogs, and they are all
    en route to some higher calling, an adventure that we only
    discover on page 60 of 64. Yes - a Dog Party, high up in a
    tree! And on the way we meet big and small dogs, dogs of
    all different colours; almost all the words are single syllables,
    in easy, enjoyable and repeatable phrases. Every dog is
    lovable, every page a treat, and we see cars, boats, &
    romance - all which are targets for silliness.
    128,000 pages read.

    - Theo picks and his dad David Stambler writes

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