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  • Volume Eight, Number Seven: October 2003

    Two New Mutual Funds for Social Responsibility for a Good Return

    Perry Abbey

    Real Assets, Canada’s labour-supported shareholder action investment network, has launched its first two openly traded mutual funds.

    The two funds, which opened for public trading last week, represent what I believe is the leading edge of social impact investing in Canada today. Unlike the existing "pooled" funds, the new funds from Real Assets are widely available for purchase just like any mutual fund, including automatic monthly purchase plans for RSP and Investment saving plans. Here are a few details on the new funds:

    Real Assets Social Impact Balanced Fund:

    This will be a widely diversified fund representing the Canadian and US Equity markets as well as the Canadian Bond market. With its 40 to 60 per cent weighting in bonds I see this as a financially conservative investment choice with limited downside, suitable as a core portfolio holding. Of course, the fund will be less conservative when it comes to making a social, environmental and ethical impact. Real Assets promises to carry on its aggressive shareholder activism campaigns, with the goal of pushing decent good companies to become even better corporate citizens, as well as better long-term investments for shareholders. Coming soon to an RRSP or investment account near you!

    Real Assets Social Leaders Fund:

    "Great companies doing Great things." A mutual fund with companies you can feel proud to own. The 25 to 100 companies in this global equity fund are committed to environmental and social leadership through progressive practices and cutting edge products or services. They are expected as well to demonstrate the financial benefits of that leadership. With a large weighting in US, European and Canadian companies, this fund will count as foreign content in an RRSP.

    Both funds may be purchased  "front loaded” (commission at time of purchase, no charges upon future redemptions) or "Low" load  (no charge on purchase, but a two per cent charge on redemptions for the first two years only).

    As a social impact investment advisor my only wish is that I could have had these funds available sooner! This would be a good time to review your existing investments and see if there is room to add these funds to your portfolio.

    Perry Abbey is an investment advisor at United Capital Securities Inc. a Working Enterprises company. Helping individuals and organizations harmonize their money with their values and leverage capital for change.

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