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  • Volume Eight, Number Five: July 2003

    DJ Rap releases Touching Bass, promotes “Power of Choice,” hits Vancouver Sept. 6

    DJ Rap's Touching Bass album is a journey into electronic music for all ages brought together in her own style. It is a two CD mix compilation featuring one disc of the best of breaks and one disc of drum & bass.

    DJ Rap has been labeled the Queen of Drum & Bass.  She spins sets that tap deep into the hearts of clubbers and ravers and are inherently enjoyable listening outside the club as well. With the release of "Touching Bass,” on Surge Recordings, DJ Rap is poised to conquer the world- on her own terms- and well exceed her already outstanding achievements.

    DJ Rap CDShe is coming on from all fronts, invading US television as the host for the for a new program on the Spike Network, called Remix, starting production in Fall 2003. She is also the host for a three part English documentary series called The Power of Choice. It focuses on educating young people as to their power as consumers and how making conscientious purchasing decisions can have an affect on the policies of large corporations in third world countries. Filming is currently under way in the UK and Africa, and will air in early 2004.

    Rap launched her independent label, Proper Talent, in 1994. The release of her Intelligence album in the same year was the first full-length artist album ever released by a Drum & Bass DJ. It secured her status as "one to watch" and helped the new label gain a solid reputation.

    Rap signed with Sony's Higher Ground imprint in 1997 and the following year released her artist album Learning Curve, which received mass critical acclaim. To date, it has sold over a quarter million copies and is an excellent display of versatility, proving that DJ Rap is a genuinely talented singer, musician, and producer.

    DJ Rap is currently writing and recording for her next album and touring relentlessly across North America.

    She will be in Vancouver September 6, 2003 at the PNE Coliseum, along with a line-up of musicians that includes The Root, Josan Gielen, Future Breeze and the Shy Brothers.


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