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  • Volume Eight, Number Five: July 2003

    Localcentric: Feed Your CD Player These Fine Releases

    Aboubacar Camara Fanifan African/World Beat          

    Getting up and dancing is the first thought that comes to mind when traveling through this album. Tracks such as "Mandage,” "Langi" and the title track to start with, will at the very least have you nodding your head in rhythmic approval.

     Abou (for short) is a Vancouver-based, Guinea, West African born performer.

    His music marries more modern electric instruments (guitar, drums, bass, keys) with traditional African instruments such as: djembe, balafon, doundoun, and gongoma.  His band has included such fine musical cohort as: Darren Parris (boy, he gets around), Craig McCaul on guitar, and JP Carter on trumpet.

    If you're looking for a more positive, organic, satisfying, groove induced stew, get on this! "It will make you happy!" Aboubacar tells no lies!

    (self titled) Alt Rock/Pop

    This is Stevo and company's second release. It's best described as rewarding, well-crafted, moody rock and roll that glides effortlessly from track to track. Steve Wright (DJ Weave as you may know him on Sunday nights at The Silvertone Tavern) knows how to effectively mix world-weary lyrics with highly moving, yet rocking melodies.

    "Rock Sonnet" is made to blast from your car stereo.

    "1/2 Life" sounds like it could be a lament about losing yourself after falling out of a particularly draining obsession, but never fear, the melody is catchy and carries it to considerable heights. "Believe Me" and "Never Do That Again" are undeniable gems. "Bag Of Skin" offers a reprieve from the mostly electric set which has enough variation and dynamics to keep your ears happy. Mazinaw are unique and dynamic performers live. This CD is a proud representation of what they offer in the clubs minus the visual aids. You have to see them live and then take this CD home and glide with it at full volume!              

    Magic Ass Confessions Of A Rocker  Alt Pop/Rock

    Here's a band within some Pop smarts. Sweet harmony vocals, delightful chord changes, intriguing stories, quirky keyboard fills, playful melodies and some fine linear notes.

    Brock Ellis, Luke Gustafson, Scott Watts and company came to my knowledge at the Joe Strummer tribute I devised last March. I finally get to hear their original material and I find it quite delightful. "Jimmy Sunshine" is my Pop song of the summer. The playful changes and Kim Stewart's (via The Parlour Steps) sweet harmonies make it so contagious. The boppy "And God Created Woman," the journalistic opus "Wasteland Of The 5 W's,” and the catchy lament about modern oppression, "Kit Kat Boogaloo" are other rewarding stops along the way. Feed your hungry CD player this very satisfying Pop confection, and look for the inverted heart logo that says Magic Ass at a club near you!

    There You Go.

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