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  • Volume Eight, Number Five: July 2003

    Three Part Series on the Corporate Take-over of Our Social Services

    Corporate Trade in Welfare

    Part 3: The Results and What To Do

     William Proulx

    The liberal government’s most recent survey of people who had left welfare in the previous six months showed that 48 per cent no longer had phones. Only 1,013 of the 4,762 people in the survey actually told the surveyors they had work. No one is sure if these persons are employed full time, as that information was not given. Statistics Canada has reported that of people who left welfare in the 1990’s, one out of three had earnings two years later that were lower than what they had received while on welfare. Right wing policies are developing a readily available pool of low and semi-skilled labour for the capitalist to draw from when needed, and at the same time are claiming that this actually improves the lives of the poor. The benefits are solely for the governments and their wealthy corporate friends.

    This is a shortsighted and morally bankrupt administration. It scoffs at international criticism and violates UN conventions with impunity. To equate the reducing of assistance to the poor during a time of economic instability, especially when facing a massive deficit of its own manufacture is callous to the extreme. The answer is that BC is in dire need of a ‘regime change’ and the imposition of sanctions upon the Liberal’s corporate supporters. Find out who the proud Liberal supporters are in your neighborhood. Don’t wait for an election to mark your ballot, do it now by taking your business elsewhere!

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