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  • Volume Eight, Number Five: July 2003

    Pt Roberts Festival Set to Rock
    Another Gorgeous Getaway In Point Roberts:

    A Free, all ages event!

    If you're looking to find some good music, but, you don't feel like going into the usual indoor haunts to enjoy it, then you're in luck this coming BC Day weekend: The Point Roberts Music & Arts Festival at Lighthouse Marine Park on the beach, August 2 and 3 from 11 am to 7 pm both days.

     Craig Jacks, brother of Terry Jacks, has put together another scenic festival. Craig is also the owner of Utopia Parkway recording studios, where such fine musical folk as: Matthew Good, Bocephus King, and Motion Soundtrack have recorded. He's also

    recording a new album, and he and his group of Jackalopes and their unique spin on country roots and wacky stage antics can be seen at Darby's Pub (4th Ave. at MacDonald in Kits) every Wednesday, starting at 9 pm, throughout the summer in case you need to get to civilization again.

    Along with Utopia, the festival gets a helping hand from The Arts Foundation, Radio Bandcouver and a host of other hard-working people who make this event in the park the refreshing getaway it is.

    It's a beautiful park with endless vistas of the ocean, a huge boardwalk with a lookout tower, many fine shops and services offering unique wares, including Native art, children's workshops and delightful food.

    There's also fantastic music every year, and this year is no different.

    The festival line-up includes performances by Bocephus King, Linda McRae & Cheerful Lonesome, Auburn, Jon Wood's Little Wonder, Annie Rapid, Camille Kapel, Rob Brower Band, Craig Jacks & The Jackalopes, Simone Pope, along with Celtic and Rama dancers.

    So come on over and cross the border from Tsawassen, and follow the signs to this year's festival in Point Roberts. There's lots of room to stretch out and relax and take a nice long walk if need be. Once you get there, you may not want to leave for the city again.


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