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June 2003


    Want Local Music and Where to Find It? Hear It "Here!”

    Mark Bignell

    To better acquaint yourself with our best kept secrets, you need to know where to start in the first place. Here's a step in the right direction: Hear It "Here!”

    On The Dial:

    102.7 FM CFRO (Co-Op Radio)

    • Wednesdays: No Apologizes Necessary 2:30pm-3:30 pm

                Clamdiggers Anonymous   3:30pm-5pm

                Main & Hastings 5pm-6pm (Every 1st & 3rd Week)

    • Thursdays: A Broken Record 2:30pm-4pm

               The Amazing Alt-Music Show 4pm-5pm

    • Fridays: Radio Bandcouver 10pm-Midnight


    101.9 FM CITR (UBC Radio)

    • Alternating Mondays: Local Kids Make Good 11am-1pm
    • Alternating Tuesdays: The Northern Wish 11:30am-1pm
    • Alternating Wednesdays: Motordaddy/Rumbletone Radio 3:30pm-5pm
    • Wednesdays: The Folk Oasis 9pm-11pm
    • Thursdays:  Out For Kicks 6pm-7:30 pm

                Live From Thunderbird Hell 9pm-11pm

    • Fridays: Nardwaur Presents 3:30pm-5pm

    CJSF 90.1 FM & CBC Radio 2 105.7 FM

    Also tune into CJSF (Simon Fraser Radio) on the regular dial at 90.1 FM

    and CBC Radio 2 105.7 FM weeknights with:

    • Brave New Waves Midnight-4am

    and Saturday with:

    • Radiosonic 7pm-Midnight and Radio On Midnight-4am
    • Radio On is also on Sundays Midnight-4am


    Independent Music Stores

    You'll have much better luck finding your music at these fine establishments!

    • Red Cat Records  4305 Main Street at east 27th Avenue  604-708-9422

    • Zulu Records     1972 West 4th Avenue  604-738-3232

    • Scratch Records  726 Richards Street   604-687-6353

    Now you know where to start Enjoy your new discoveries!

    Mark Bignell as a community broadcaster. His weekly program Radio Bandcouver can be heard Fridays 10pm to Midnight on Co-op Radio 102.7 FM CFRO or on line at http://www.bandcouver.com

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