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June 2003

    Computer Deals for Union Members

    Union workers can take advantage of the new opportunity to purchase the latest computer technology at a substantial discount from regular retail prices.

    The Canadian Labour Congress has set up a cooperative buying program that offers a wide range of computer and technology to union members anywhere in Canada.

    “All union members and their families have the opportunity to purchase new, state of the art computers, printers, monitors, digital cameras and other products at significant discounts from those available to the general public,” says Max McCone, CLC Computer Purchase Coordinator. “The computers are supplied by Hewlett Packard ("HP") who also include in their product mix, Compaq products.”

    Discounts available vary but at the least will be 10 per cent, he says. This combined with the manufacturers discounts available at the time of purchase can produce saving of as much as 25 per cent off the web store price for some items. Hand held devices have a 5 per cent discount.

    Purchases can be made on-line at www.hp.ca/clccomputers or via telephone toll free at 1-877-562-2824, where people can review the full line of products available.

    McCone can also be reached for assistance at 416-483-6300 or toll free at 1-800-667-2524, or by e-mail at: mtm @ clcintiatives.ca


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