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Who Are the Kyoto Angels
To the Editor
November 12th, 2002

Got a real kick out of your "Kyoto Crusade Stirs National Debate" piece. Of particular interest was the part where you say on the pro-side we have the angels and the con-side we have the corporate devils.

Check your head!

On the PRO-side we have Shell, BP, Sunoco, Dupont, Toyota, IBM, Ford, ABB, AEP, Boeing, Lockheed, the nuclear energy mafia and many more. The biggest corporate booster of global warming was that bastion of ethics, Enron. Also on the PRO-side are the British, Dutch, and German ruling classes and thier respective states (not a worker's paradise among them). Also on the PRO-side are all the wind farm hucksters and solar fraud shiesters with thier manifest material interests. Last but not least on the PRO-side is the Federal Government of Canada - now you don't get much more radical and alternative than that.

I challenge you to debate this issue anytime, anywhere but I doubt if you will; ignorance is not just bliss it can be very expedient as well. yours truly,

William Kay

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