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if other journalists were aware
To the Editor

My names is Peter Dimitrov, of bcpolitics.ca --we are an internet newsgroup that focuses only on BC politics

I write to tell you of the fact that legal counsel for Accenture- the spin off company from Arthur Anderson Consulting of Enron infamy, has sent intimidating letters alleging that the following web-sites contain materials that are defamatory and injurious to the reputation of Accenture.

As far as I am informed letters were sent to; bcpolitics.ca Polaris Institute - in Ottawa BCPolicy Probe UnofficialOpposition.com Creative Resistance IndyMedia - vancouver

To tell you my personal story, we at bcpolitics.ca...have been very active on the BC Hydro issue...we wrote and sponsored a Petition to Save BC Hydro which gathered over 60,000 names. We have many articles, if you visit and click on Hydro Articles..you'll see some. Also, we linked our website to the class action suit on the Hydro issue which Citizens for Public Power is initiating.

Anyways, on July 25, 2002, the California State Treasurer's office released a Press Release which spoke about ethics and the problems of companies locating offshore for tax avoidance and lessor shareholder rights protection reasons, that Press Release attached a list of companies, including Accenture. We at bcpolitics.ca posted that Press Release verbatim without commentary. Secondly, we posted one article issued by COSCO - a BC seniors organization and Citizens for Public Power...posted it verbatim.

So, now we have received that letter from legal counsel for Accenture, a Mr. Robert Cooper of McCarthy Tetrault, yet, strangely enough, the California State Treasurer's office and Citizens for Public Power and that Seniors Organization who issued those Press Releases have not received a letter (as of this date) from Mr. Cooper, neither has litigation been commenced against either of them. Obviously counsel for Accenture is picking and choosing small fry internet media...which if successful, is the thin edge of wedge, a tactic that may be used by corporations to bully those who dissent..especially now that the SLAPP legislation was repealed within a very short time of the BC Liberals gaining power. So, it would be good if other journalists were aware of this. This story must get out, conduct like this by Accenture is simply not acceptable in BC.

Pete Dimitrov

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