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Olympic Flip- Flop
To the Editor

I am deeply disturbed by what recently elected Vancouver City Councillors and the Mayor are now saying about the Vancouver-Whistler bid for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Surely we live in a pathetically sick society where hundreds are homeless, thousands are forced to use the Food Banks, and Health care, hospitals and schools are severely and cruelly restricted in programs that they can offer, but yet, millions of dollars can suddenly be found for transportation improvements and other necessities to cement this highly questionable bid.

Should not the newly elected COPE Council members, particularly in the year that we have had to say good-bye to Harry Rankin, the foremost founder of COPE, be doing two things?

First, pressing strongly for a provincial referendum, (or as back-up, a local one) and second, urging Vancuver citizens to oppose the bid. I am truly concerned because I do have a long time interest in COPE.

John Church.

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