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To the Editor

Not only should Canada and all of the other involved nations sign onto the Kyoto agreement, but we/they should also begin fully exploiting such clean sources of energy as that of wind, sunlight and tidal/river flows, though the latter where no marine life is threatened.

For many years, California -- although albeit for decades being a world-class example of vehicle-exhaust pollution -- has exploited the winds; that state seems to be a good starting point for clean-energy ideas. And, really, what good is creating millions of jobs -- the rallying cry of politicians and wannabes -- when all of the people are sick, dying or already dead because of environmental degradation?

It's quite depressing and worrisome: How long will the "Blue Planet" remain ecologically viable? One theory floating out there, but not readily known (and not necessarily adopted by me), is that of "The Quickening": Quite like the human body's immune system, Earth is an organic form that will purge itself of the humanity virus through Earth's immune system -- e.g., HIV/AIDS, which some experts believe was released from the ground during the human destruction of southern-hemisphere rain forests.

Frank G. Sterle, Jr.

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