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On behalf of over 65,000 persons who have signed the "Save BC Hydro Petition" and all those who intend to sign that Petition and/or endorse this public letter it is demanded that your government fulfill your legal duties as fiduciaries and trustees by ceasing from the sale, privatization, transfer, leasing, division or contracting out of assets and functions of BC Hydro and the "de-regulation/re-regulation" of the B.C. "electricity market" until such time as all BC residents / beneficiaries provide informed direct consent of your government's plans.

To obtain our direct consent as residents/beneficiaries it is vital that critical information currently withheld be fully disclosed. The rebuttal presumption exists that the proposed split of BC Hydro into two corporate entities and the proposed electricity market "re-regulation" is not justifiable financially or in terms of the potential impacts, uncertainties and higher electricity costs that may be passed on to BC consumers.

A rebuttal presumption also exists that your government's proposed privatization/ contacting out of many vital BC Hydro operations/functions and imminent transfer of over 2,000 employees to a joint-venture to be majority controlled by Accenture will essentially render BC Hydro a mere shell of what it once was and that considerably higher costs and risks will be passed on to BC consumers thereby substantially increasing the profits of the Accenture controlled joint-venture. Your government likes to pride itself on its good business sense. So if your risky plans for BC Hydro are indeed a good deal for the people of B.C and not merely the result of ideological blindness we call upon your government to "come clean" - give us the "numbers" by forthwith publicly releasing:

1. the cost-benefit and impact analysis of
(i) the proposed split-up of BC Hydro, and,
(ii) the privatization/contracting out of many vital BC Hydro functions to a "joint-venture" to be controlled by Accenture;
2. the entire unedited management contract/MOU and any side contracts with Accenture;
3. your government's final report on an energy policy for British Columbia; and,
4. your government's draft legislation respecting the electrical energy sector, BC Hydro, the new joint venture with Accenture, and changes to the BC Utility Commission.

Once full disclosure has been made to all British Columbian's and after a period of public debate we believe it just and democratic that your government seek our consent via referendum of your planned legislation. To do otherwise is unconscionable.
Yours truly,

Peter Dimitrov
Save BC Hydro Petition Committee

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