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To the Editor

In the last twenty years in the Lower Mainland our poor and homeless have seen so much talk but very little action. Our MLA's promise us the moon & stars and then disappoint us when they are re-elected. We need MLA's who can speak freely, and properly represent the people who have believed their promises, and have voted for them. Many of our low income families are realizing the hard way that success has more to do with who you know, than what you know. It is pathetic that this is what we call democracy.

Homelessness is created by lots of different circumstances, but one of the major causes of poverty in women and families is our near total lack of female representation in government. Many of our laws were put in place by a male dominated legislature, and as a result cater to men who want to shed their responsibilities to their families. Problems such as evading alimony and child support payments are encouraged by the legal system, a system created largely without any female input. The government itself has not yet enough women in power to countermand these laws, so for the time being our poor women and families are most affected.

We must look homeward for solutions, as so much economic waste occurs when we spend our time searching for answers in the US, or Internationally. We owe it to our taxpayers to find solutions here, at home. We must approach the Federal government to use our tax dollars more effectively. A federal housing budget untouched by the provinces or municipalities, would go a long way to combat our homelessness situation locally and nationally. Our low income families need action now.

M. Billick
The Lower Mainland Community Housing Registry Society

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