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Burden Of Proof
To the Editor

Ivan Bulic wrote in the July 2002 issue of the Columbia Journal a piece called," Squashing Public Debate in Canada." In the article he states the following. " Charity Watch is funded by the pro-gun lobby group Hunt Action United States and the white supremacist Heritage Front and uses Canada's antiquated charity laws to go after public interest organizations such as Friends of Clayoquot Sound, the Sierra Club of Canada, the Toronto Wildlife Centre, CAVEAT - a national victims right action group, and the Schad Foundation which funds Ecotrust Canada and the David Suzuki Foundation."

This was the statement that was made. The readers of the Columbia Journal would be very interested if Bulic could provide documented proof that Charity Watch was specifically funded by Hunt Action United States and the Heritage Front. We have already gone on record that some of our funding did come from some pro-gun groups but, we did not name any specific organization. There has been no funding from either of these organizations so the," Burden of Proof," lies with Bulic to provide the documentation to the readers of this publication. Please bring the documented proof forward so everyone can see.

Bulic further states, " Last year Langer's group was audited by Revenue Canada and lost their charitable tax number for being, " too political." Carl Juneau of the Charities Directorate, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, admitted Langer was investigated following complaints from Barkhouse."

Let us now read what was said to the CBC Disclosure interviewer. ( We asked him if there have been any investigations launched because of complaints made by George Barkhouse and Charity Watch. Carl Juneau responds," I assume there are," he said. " As a matter of fact I'm pretty certain." Where does it say that Carl Juneau specifically states that the audit of the Friends of Clayoquot Sound was audited because of our complaints? Even though Charity Watch may file a complaint against an organization, who is to say that the organization is not already under audit?

The article mentions, " CAVEAT." It fails to mention that the organization was revoked by Revenue Canada back in June 2002. This organization was revoked not because of our complaint but,because the organization failed to file their return with Revenue Canada. . Charity Watch was put into place to make the Government more efficent and effective by scrutinizing the operations of registered charities. And scrutinize we will do. After the CBC Disclosure program on Charity Watch, we were audited by Revenue Canada. As everyone can see, we continue to operate as a registered charity.

Some of the things that Charity Watch has uncovered is, " charities lending their charity number, sending money outside the country and not taking legal responsibility for it, partisan activity, organizations giving out tax-deductible receipts even after the organizations have been revoked by Revenue Canada, money going to the military of other Governments, etc,etc,etc. And the list goes on. We will look at any charity when a complaint comes our way.

Anyone can contact us at:

Once again we thank the Columbia Journal for their time and effort in this. We only request that documented proof be brought forward to back up Bulic's statements. We at Charity Watch always make sure that we have documented proof when we file a complaint against a charity with Revenue Canada.

George Barkhouse,
President Charity Watch

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