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Species At Risk Act a Waste

just ridiculous.

To the Editor:

I agree wholeheartedly with the Environics Poll, reported by the Columbia Journal a while ago that shows most Canadians want a real endangered species act that really protects the species by also protecting their habitats.

The act being adopted by the federal government doesn't do this, and I wonder just how Ottawa figures it can save endangered plants and animals without considering the habitats they need to survive in the first place.

I also think (Environment Minister) David Anderson's claim that politicians should be left to decide what habitats, if any, get to be protected is just ridiculous. Politicians, especially Liberal ones, seem to have a really hard time doing things that benefit the public, let alone the environment.

But I guess it's all said and done now. The Liberals will pass this act, which will do little to really protect endangered species, then they will claim how great they are on the environment, the media will agree, more money will be wasted on laws and rules that don't accomplish what they are supposed to, and the environment will suffer. Bad times for all.

Vana Chong

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