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Give Up on Democracy

The Columbia Journal doesn't.

To the Editor:

I must say I read my first issue of the Columbia Journal at the bar near my house and I was impressed to see a newspaper so outspoken. It's been a long time since I have seen a media outlet so critical of the media.

But I find its socialistic and populist philosophy a bit threatening. Let's face it. The ideals of democracy are just plainly that: ideals. The whole world falls far short of these ideals and always has. People just don't have it in them. In fact, I'm often amazed that we have the level of democracy and quality of life that we do have today, as limited as most leftists think it is.

I'm no fan of the big corporate media, but at least they seem to accept this. The Columbia Journal doesn't.

Ok, so the BC Liberals blatantly lied to the public about their agenda just to get elected, and the big business media helped them do it. And maybe it's true the NDP wasn't half as bad as the media made them out to be and maybe should even have been re-elected. I don't dispute any of this, as I think many people don't.

But what the Liberals are doing now should have been done years ago by every party in power (including the NDP). Why? Because our current economic system simply can't support the social services and institutions that supposedly help people exercise their rights and live better.

People survived through the Dark Ages and Medieval Era without public healthcare or education, social housing, seniors' services or even basic rights like freedom of speech or association.

Ok, times are tough in BC now. But they are easy compared to Kosovo, Afghanistan or the Middle East. Yet those populations aren't dying out either.

The socialist battle cry that if the capitalistic system can't meet all our needs and wants, then we should switch to a system that does sounds reasonable. But, other than a few spotty regional successes around the globe, the system is still basically the same and decades of socialist politics have done little more than soften its hard edges.

Maybe the earth just wasn't made to be a paradise full of freedom and opportunity for all. Maybe we are meant to be like the ants, or the fish or the insects, where we just take our lumps, sacrifice each other and try to survive.

GW Wesley

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