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YOUR HEALTH: Who's looking after it?

BY DIANE FORBES, DC - The first few months of 2002 have passed us buy quickly, but not quickly enough to avoid some surgical nipping and tucking to the Ministry of Health. Changes in funding have caused significant changes to the face of the health services provided to British Columbians. This past winter has seen the Government of British Columbia reduce the focus on prevention and low intervention therapies (Optometry, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy and Naturopathy). This spring heralded changes to emergency services and long term care facilities across the province.

The Government stresses that these changes are necessary in order to provide adequate health care coverage to all British Columbians. Critics charge that the Ministry of Health is setting the groundwork for a swell in privatization of health services. Either way where does this leave the average person?

The limits to health services, presented by geographical, economic, informational and personal factors mean that all British Columbia citizens need to take responsibility for their own wellness.

Wellness can be likened to a focus on good health. The basics are adequate rest and recovery, a focus on a balanced nutritional plan, regular exercise and self-management. These four factors are the keys that unlock our general health potential allowing us to avoid unnecessary trips to the drying well of health services.

It has been estimated that nearly fifty percent of all physician visits are for an unidentifiable (via physiological tests) disease. A significant number of visits for high blood pressure, digestive concerns, pain or fatigue could likely be eliminated by practising wellness habits at home.

In the nest issues of Columbia Journal Your Health will work to inform you about health issues, so you can develop your wellness potential.

Now more than ever British Columbians need to take control and support one another in making changes to our health services, by becoming personally responsible for their own, as well as their families, friends and communities well being. Then as a group we can demand that the Ministry of Health restore fully publicly funded health services to the citizens once again.

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